Meet the AIF portfolio companies that are transforming the status quo for ASD, neurodevelopmental disorders, mental health issues, and other complex chronic conditions.


We invest in companies that will move the needle in how we diagnose, treat, and provide lifelong support to individuals with ASD, neurodevelopmental disorders, mental health issues, and other complex chronic conditions.

Floreo is leveraging the power of virtual reality to provide a method of teaching social, behavioral, communication, and life skills for individuals with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, and related diagnoses. With a mobile-friendly platform that is remotely accessible at an affordable price point, Floreo is addressing several key barriers to care.

BioROSA is developing a blood test that will detect ASD in children. A positive BioROSA test can allow for early intervention services to begin, which have been shown to improve language, social skills, and IQ for many children with ASD.

Joshin is using a tech-enabled platform to match special needs caregivers with the 1-in-5 families requiring specialized care. For a monthly fee, families obtain access to a local network of pre-screened and qualified caregivers, enabling them to build and coordinate scheduling for a “care team” of individuals equipped to handle the specialized needs of their child.

Axial is developing a pipeline of gut-restricted small molecules intended for use in the treatment of CNS disorders and cancer. Rooted in the work of CalTech’s Sarkis Mazmanian, PhD, Axial’s approach focuses on building therapeutics that are well-tolerated and demonstrate low systemic absorption, which do not currently exist for neurodevelopmental disorders. Axial’s lead candidate is a Phase IIb-ready compound intended to treat and reduce harmful metabolites in the gut in ASD, which are hypothesized to contribute to irritability, anxiety, and repetitive behaviors.

SpectrumAI is developing a framework for delivering and monitoring value-based therapy for individuals with autism. The Company is leveraging digital protocols, AI-augmented clinical decision making, and automated data capture to facilitate improved outcomes, lower lifetime treatment cost, and more accessible care.

Suggestic is an app developer focused on the nutrition sector that integrates diverse datasets, a precision medicine approach, and AI framework to deliver actionable nutrition insights to end users. Growing evidence is suggesting the role of gut inflammation and dysbiosis in exacerbating symptoms of ASD and related complex chronic conditions. Suggestic builds applications for a diverse client base including food distributers, supplement companies, lab testing facilities, and healthcare practitioners to support their own users in optimizing personalized nutrition.

Yamo Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company developing a Phase II compound for the treatment of core ASD symptoms. With no safe, effective therapeutics currently on the market for autism, Yamo’s drug candidate (L1-79) offers an alternative to the two currently approved drugs for treating irritability in ASD, which are both antipsychotics with black box warnings. Preliminary trial results showed L1-79 to be well-tolerated while decreasing autism severity and improving socialization and communication skills. L1-79 received the FDA Fast Track Designation in 2018 and was sought by parents for a Compassionate Use Waiver.

Auticon is an information technology and communications technology (ICT) firm that is the global leader in employing neurodiverse adults as data technology solution providers. Auticon harnesses a uniquely qualified team of neurodiverse employees via a proprietary model that implements AI-driven analytics, process automation and complex software development solutions for clients. Originally founded in Germany in 2011, Auticon has since expanded its operations to employ ~250 autistic consultants across the United States, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and Australia. Auticon partners with large, multi-national clients, including Merck, Airbus, Deloitte, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce, Disney, Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Virgin, and the UN.

Cortica is the market leader in bringing together all the resources a child and family need (pediatric neurology, genetics, and other medical expertise, behavioral therapists, speech therapists, and more), addressing underlying both behavioral and medical conditions using custom built technology for care coordination and data capture. The Company’s robust array of screening tools, services, and interventions enables Cortica to deliver programs that are tailored to the unique medical and behavioral needs of the individual. While over half of the Company’s patients are autistic, Cortica’s model allows flexibility to address any condition that impacts brain function or development (i.e., epilepsy, ADHD, brain injury, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, etc.), many of which co-occur with autism. Cortica’s coordinated approach leads to best-in-class member satisfaction and empowers families to achieve long-lasting, transformative results